What is a Certified WarZone?2020-08-27T13:53:36-05:00

It’s what we call gyms who sign on with GOTOWAR to produce their own customized gear and also retail GOTOWAR merchandise.

What product can I create under my gym name/brand?2020-08-27T13:53:51-05:00

You have to use templates we already have (patterns), but, you can change the artwork and stitching.

Why can’t I change the fabric color?2020-08-27T13:54:10-05:00

Changing the color would require us to send the fabric to a dye house, and we would only be able to cut your patterns off of that dye roll. If multiple gyms wanted the same color and we could cut numerous orders off that one dye roll, we could then offer that color change as an option. We could definitely facilitate that through all of our WarZone Members to create a specific color request.

Am I required to carry GOTOWAR merchandise?2020-08-27T13:54:29-05:00

No, you are not required. We believe it would increase your retail/merchandise sales, but you are not required to move GOTOWAR product through your establishment.

How am I getting big batch pricing when I’m only ordering 10 to 20 units at a time?2020-08-27T13:54:45-05:00

Through our collective gym membership program, all gyms are treated as ONE contract. Therefore, if 20 gyms order 20 pieces during the same timeframe, that equates to 400 pieces. All 20 gyms would then get price points based on 400 units instead of only 20 units. This creates a system where minimum orders are not an issue and the gym owner isn’t forced to order more units than they need just to meet manufacturer minimums. This allows the gym to maximize profits from their merchandise sales.

Can I order mixed sizing?2020-08-27T13:55:02-05:00

Yes, you can order mixed sizing.

Is there a way for me to get more discounts in my orders?2020-08-27T13:55:17-05:00

Yes, you can promote our website, get your gym members to follow @go2warsports Instagram Page, and we can set up a promo code for your gym. Customers who use your promo code produce discounts for your WarZone account.

How do I become a Certified WarZone? What is required of me?2020-08-27T13:55:37-05:00

Glad you asked. You submit your request through the homepage on our website (Become a Retailer). We will follow up by contacting you and requesting your Artwork is sent to us in an Adobe Illustrator Format (Ai). If you request color changes to your artwork, or mock-ups for your gear, we will charge you an upfront artwork charge (non-refundable). If you submit ready-made artwork, there is no artwork charge. You can request a Promo Code if you are going to make as part of your business model promotion of our website and social media sites. Each time you order, the percentage earned through use of your Promo Code is applied to your overall production charge. If you do not order product, it can be sent as a commission earned.

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