When we started this company in 2015, we wanted to establish a culture of winning, persevering and over-coming obstacles. This was succinctly summarized in our brand name, GOTOWAR. As the brand name evolved into actual product, we began calling those who wear our brand “Soldiers of Sport”. Why? Very simply, a soldier understands mission and how to achieve mission success. A plan is developed and that plan is followed. The most successful teams understand the singular mission and they do their part within the developed plan.

It made sense to us if an individual decides to “Wage War” against failure; that mission comes with a plan. In order to successfully wage a personal war, or team war, to achieve a common goal, that person must inevitably become a “Soldier of Sport”. We do not correlate how we use that term to an actual soldier. We would never do that. They are not one in the same. A military soldier risks their life to protect our freedoms, while a “Soldier of Sport” moves with the discipline of a soldier in perfecting their craft, attacking their obstacles or supporting their team.

One should Aspire to Perspire as they move towards success. In competitive sports, one can easily Enter Unknown and Walk Out a Legend! We at GOTOWAR endorse your personal climb to greatness and revel in your ability to Claim Victory! We believe when you walk into the gym and look into that mirror, and you see GOTOWAR emblazoned across your chest, it will motivate that extra energy, that extra rep, that extra enthusiasm to drop buckets of sweat.

We thank you all for your business and look forward to growing this brand.